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Job Search Workshop: This workshop will assist you in your job search from preparation and organization to goal setting and networking for job search success.

Résumé Workshop: The Résumé Workshop offers information on writing an effective résumé. If you aren’t getting any interviews then it may be your résumé that needs updating. Come learn how to make the adjustments to get you to the interview.

Workplace Communication:  Communication skills are key in all areas of your career. The focus of this workshop is on developing better listening skills and developing positive verbal & nonverbal communications in the workplace as well as in your job search.

Budgeting: Maintaining a budget on a lower income while you job search is challenging. This workshop gives you helpful tips on how to set up your household budget with a limited income and how to be responsible with your budgeting practices.

Out for Good: This workshop discusses tips and techniques for finding employment when your past may include misdemeanors or felonies. Learn helpful information on addressing tough questions about your past, and tips for a successful job search.

Veterans Workshop: This workshop will help ease the transition from the work you did in the military to jobs in the civilian workforce. We will assist you to identify the skills, experience, credentials, and education that have been obtained while in the military and crosswalk them to civilian opportunities.

Customer Service: Competition is tough. Customers are more demanding than ever before and employers need workers who can meet those demands. This customer service workshop will discuss the techniques you need to adapt to the demands of the customer such as quality service, having a positive attitude, and improving loyalty.

Interviewing: Sign up for this workshop to learn more about behavioral interviewing, how to prepare for the interview, what employers are really asking, and get tips on how to relax and ace the interview. Also, learn how an organized portfolio will help you during an interview.

Mature Worker: Looking for a job when you have more than 15 years of work experience is a challenge. Do they see you as overqualified or too old? Come learn tips to help overcome concerns regarding years of experience and about competing in today’s job market.

Networking: Networking can be an effective tool to help with your job search. Join us to learn how to increase your comfort level with networking, discover the benefits of using social media to expand your current network, and explore creative ways to incorporate networking into your job search.

Stress Management: Everyone experiences stress in their lives and we all react differently to different types of stress. The more knowledge, tools, and skills we have for understanding stress, the better we are at keeping it under control. Sign up today to learn how to control your stress and not let the stress control you.

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