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GLBMW's Kristen Wenzel moderates a panel discussion with employers

Apprenticeships Gaining Speed as Hiring Solution

Say the word “apprentice” and what comes to mind for many people is the old-school image of a young, inexperienced, unskilled worker tagging along behind a much older, more skilled and experienced mentor. Employers in the skilled trades know better. They have benefited from apprenticeships for decades. Today, apprenticeships are gaining speed in all industries as a solution for employers … [Read more...]

Going PRO in Michigan

“Going PRO” Helps Employers Recruit for Professional Trades

The state recognizes that a sizable professional trades shortage exists in Michigan and is expected to continue through 2024. “Going PRO” is a Michigan campaign designed to help employers recruit by elevating the perception of professional trades and to showcase opportunities in a variety of rewarding careers. Learn More about "Going PRO" … [Read more...]

Senator Ken Horn & Kristen Wenzel


Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! was just awarded nearly $2.2 million to fund training for 49 employers in the region. The money comes from the Skilled Trades Training Fund, a state-funded program designed to help employers develop the talent they need to compete and grow. Senator Ken Horn is part of the state legislature that, together with Governor Snyder, appropriated nearly $29 million for the … [Read more...]

Ryan Engwis

When Qualified Employees Are Hard to Find

Ryan Engwis is a husband, father, U.S. Navy veteran, and Fast Start success story. His employer, The Dow Chemical Company, is one of several regional employers who look to on-demand training programs to hire highly-skilled employees like Ryan with chemical processing qualifications. Our region's top employers such as The Dow Chemical Company and Michigan Sugar rely on Great Lakes Bay Michigan … [Read more...]

Interview Tips

Our business service team (BST) representatives interact with employers daily. Many ask for tools or interview strategies to assess an applicant’s “motivation.” In today’s highly productive workplace, it’s helpful to know if a candidate is self-driven or needs constant reinforcement. Here some good interview questions to ask that might shed some light: What are your goals for the next 5 … [Read more...]