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What to Expect When Visiting a Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! Service Center

How to prepare:

Don’t wait – the most common mistake people make is waiting until they are unemployed to visit us. We serve people who are already employed as well. Many of our services are available to any and all.

Have you and your job parted ways? Resist the temptation of taking a vacation! Start your job search immediately – not when your unemployment benefits are running out. The experts at Michigan Works! can help you maximize your options for re-employment. Don’t delay…waiting could limit your job choices!

Dress for success – you could be walking into a single company job fair and might be able to interview on the spot. Always put your best foot forward.

Bring your resume if you have one – if you don’t, we’ll help you prepare a professional resume and cover letter so you’re always prepared.

Don’t think Michigan Works! can help you? You’d be surprised! We have a history of helping people from all education levels find their next job opportunity. If you are re-entering the job market, we can share with you the latest techniques for an effective job search to help you can find a job more quickly.

Checking in:

When you walk in, you will be greeted by a friendly receptionist who will ask:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Last four numbers of your social security number
  • Have you have served in the military?

The receptionist will create a Passport Card for you, which looks and feels like a store loyalty card or credit card. You will scan this each time you visit a service center.


You will most likely be directed to a member of the Employment Services staff who can help you:

  • Navigate the Pure Michigan Talent Connect website
  • Find job leads
  • Select workshops that might help you
  • Create a professional resume, cover letter, and learn how to attach them to an e-mail
  • Use fax machines for employment related purposes
  • Learn about Fast Start training
  • Store documents you need for your job search process